Friday, May 30, 2014

The Morel of the Story

I was dusting my room and heard Coco talking to someone. I looked over at her, but she was just staring at the wall, alone. I shrugged and kept cleaning. After a few minutes, I noticed that Coco was really getting into her conversation.

"Yeaaaah! Hahaha! This is so fun!!! Gimme that. Oooo...this tastes like grapes." She giggled uncontrollably.

I walked closer, "Who are you talking to, Cokes?" 
She ignored me and kept laughing. I looked in her food dish and found two morel mushrooms...and a few that weren't morels with bites taken out of them. "Umm...Coco, did you go foraging today?"

She broke her conversation but continued staring at the wall, "Yes I did, Mama. I'm still foraging right now. Can't you see I'm in the forest with Louie?"

"Coco, isn't Louie that squirrel you hate? And you're in the house. What forest?...Coco, I think you ate some magic mushrooms."

She relaxed. "I'll be home soon. I just pushed Louie in the river and he can't swim."

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