Thursday, May 22, 2014

Something Squirrely This Way Comes

I told Coco that she should seriously consider doing yoga, because the stretching might help with her hangovers, her overall mood and her recent bout of paranoia.

Coco is under the impression there is a squirrel named Louie, living somewhere near our house, that keeps messing with her. I have not yet seen this elusive Louie, but I told Coco that I would keep my eyes peeled.

After a week of yoga, Coco was happy to show me her new found nimbleness. She also took this as the perfect opportunity to show me some of Louie's psychotic behavior.

Coco bent over and stretched, pointing to a little nugget. "That lunatic cut a hole in my screen and planted a piece of poop on my clean towel!"

I leaned in close. "I don't know Coco...that looks an awful lot like it came from you."

"Don't question me, fool. I know Louie's filth when I see it...I have a guy coming by later today to install an electric fence around the perimeter of the window and to electrify the roof."

I gave Coco an Eskimo kiss, "Ok girly, that's not happening. We're renting this place, I don't think heavy modifications are allowed."

Coco smacked me. "It's done. Louie's as good as dead." 

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