Saturday, May 24, 2014

Weekend Goodbye

I'm leaving today for a weekend trip to New York. Coco has been a little grouch all morning. She hates when I leave because, she says I am her only "trustworthy servant." 
I kissed her one million times and said that I'm not her servant, I'm her mother and pretty much her only friend. 

She told me she was going to sit by the window and wave goodbye to me as I walked to the bus station.

Sure enough, when I packed my bags and locked up the house, I got to the sidewalk and looked up to the window. Coco was there waving. 

I yelled up to her, "I miss you already my baby!"
She yelled something back, but I couldn't quite make out the words. 
"What was that girly?"

She yelled back, louder this time, "I'm going to pee all over this room and drop the biggest dump in one of your shoes. See you when you get back!"

I shook my head and walked to the bus.

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