Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Rich History

Every year on Mother's Day, Coco pops a few bottles of champagne and retells the story of her birth mother.

"She was a majestic creature, loved by everyone she met. Her shiny coat and flair for fashion got her noticed by my namesake on the streets of Paris, but she turned down a future with Chanel to live her dream-- traveling the world as a groupie for Harry Houdini's rabbit, my father."

I held Coco's paw, "I don't think those dates match up, Cokes...among other glaring impossibilities, Harry Houdini died in 1926."

Coco sipped the last of her champagne and hurled the flute against the wall, shattering the glass everywhere. "That's because my mother was friends with Merlin, the greatest wizard of all time. He cast a spell upon her and my father so that they could live forever."

I grabbed a broom. "Hmm...ok, that still doesn't make any sense. But suppose I believe you, how did you end up with me?"

"On the night I was born, my mother was visited by the flying dog from The Never Ending Story. She knew that I would be better off in the hands of a human, so Falcor flew me to a Petco in Ohio."

"Oh...that's right! I forgot that part of the story. You do know I'm not giving you another glass for that champagne."

She gazed beyond me, a look of pride shone on her face. "Bring me my sippy cup, Mama."

Happy Mother's Day

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