Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Breakfast Blackout

Coco had a rough day, drunkenly throwing eggs off our front porch trying to hit runners training for a local 5k. Before bed, my dizzy little bun asked that I make her favorite breakfast in the morning.

So that's just what I did. I used fresh ingredients and made the fluffiest carrot cake pancakes in the world. I squeezed fresh orange juice (and added vodka), warmed up the richest maple syrup (and added burbon), and stacked cakes nice and high on a plate for my girl.

Before her hangover could even begin, Coco poured all the syrup, devoured every pancake and chugged the OJ in about 7 minutes. Not long after, as she licked the last of the syrup from her lips, a dazed look came over her face. 

"Uh muh guh." 

I scooped her up and laid her down. "Did you eat too fast, girly?"

As Coco surrendered to the inevitable pancake coma she mumbled, "Your food is crap."

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