Saturday, May 17, 2014

Apple Pickin'

I've been trying to teach Coco the value of sharing. Until now she's sort of had a "what's mine is mine" attitude about life. To begin these early lessons, I've been sharing my fruit with her. I take a bite of banana, Coco gets a little piece. I eat a purple grape, Coco gets one. She's really loving fruit! 

Early today Coco was eating a Granny Smith and said, "Do you want a bite of my apple?"
I kissed her head, "Coco! I'm so proud of you. Such a considerate little lady you are! Of course I'll have a bite."

I handed the fruit back to Coco. "Thank you Cokes, where did you get such a delicious apple?"

She took a bite. "The garbage."

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