Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Bowled Over

I got home especially late this evening and heard Coco moaning very loudly upstairs. I grabbed a handful of parsley and ran up to her. When I entered my room, I found Coco lying in her cage, sandwiched between the wall and her empty food dish. 

"What's wrong girl?" I reached in to pet her head.
"I'm stuck."
"How long have you been stuck, my little fluff?"
She laid there motionless, "My entire life."
"Oh, come on, don't be so dramatic...wait, what's that smell ...peach schnapps?" 
"I was thirsty."
"Ok," I said "that's pretty typical, but why do you think you're stuck?"
"This bowl got the best of me. Been here for hours, maybe even days."

I reached in and gently nudged the bowl to her right. 
"See Cokes, you weren't trapped, you--" I stopped mid sentence.
She was already passed out.

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