Monday, June 23, 2014

They Do Exist

"They're sending me messages...from up there."

Coco sat on my bed looking quite frazzled with a lime stuffed alien lying at her paws.

"Coco!" I said "Look at you! You're fur is standing on end! Did something bad happen to you?"

She refused to look away from the open window--a glass portal to the night sky.

"They tell me to do things," Coco said.

"What kinda things, baby girl?

"Earlier today, they told me to lick the electrical outlet. Yes, I was drunk, and perhaps they told me something different altogether...but I did it anyway. And it felt like hell."

I booped her nose. "Coco! That is awful! Please don't do that again, you got zapped! No wonder your fur looks so silly."

She continued to stare. "Then they told me to drink a fifth of whiskey...and throw all of your underwear into the neighbor's yard. So I did that too."

I opened my top drawer. It was empty. I sighed. "I'm afraid to see what they ask you to do next..."

"You certainly should be," Coco said. "You're going to wish you were never born."

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