Monday, June 9, 2014

Russian Doll

Coco raised her Stoli vodka on the rocks, "Удачи!"
I raised my glass of ice water. "Excuse me?"

She drank the remaining half pint of clear alcohol and lowered the glass, leaving one ice cube between her teeth. She crunched down hard and blew the icy shards at my feet. "I said 'Cheers!' dumbass! Mwuahahaha!...Я хотел бы вернуться в мой дом в мать!!!!"

"Coco, what the hell was that? How are you speaking Russian right now?"

She wrapped a scarf around her head. "It's my language! And I said I want to return to my home in Mother Russia!"

I took the cap off the Stoli and took a drink. "You know you're from Ohio, baby girl. We've been over it a hundred times."

She huffed. "Putin called. He said you're an idiot." 

I nuzzled Coco's nose. "Oh! Looks who's speaking English again!"

"...Мудак." (asshole)

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