Monday, June 16, 2014

Blonde Ambition

Coco and I slept in late today. But when I did get out of bed, I was really excited to break open my new box of hair bleach! Sometimes we all need a change, and I thought a little blonde might bring out some new flavor for the upcoming summer months.

I grabbed a pair of latex gloves and a tiny mixing bowl and emptied the contents of my beauty supply purchase onto my desk. One problem: the mixes were empty. That's when I noticed the trail of bleach stained hardwood floor that lead to Coco's table. 

"Girly, can you please explain yourself?"

"Coco came out from her cage and hopped on top of it. She had a very luxurious streak of bleached blonde fur protruding from her head.

She yawned. "What do you want me to say? You fell asleep last night, and I decided to change up my look."

I tossed the used products into the garbage. "Well it might be nice to get an apology..."

She pulled her blonde lock forward. "Listen babe, I'm really sorry...I'm sorry that I look so good. Now if you could just get over it and pour me a Glenlivet on the rocks, I'd really love that."

I brushed her fur. "The ice machine is broken, baby."

"Neat then."

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