Thursday, June 5, 2014

Computer Geek Out

Coco and I sat around enjoying some sangria this evening, when we started talking about her younger years. 

She looked up at me with wine-stained lips, "Remember that time I got hired by Steve Jobs to work on a project for Apple?"

I topped off her glass, "No. I cannot say that I remember that, Coco."

"Sure you do, dumbo!" she laughed "I got fired because I pissed on all the keyboards when the techies went to lunch. I short circuited the main frame and Jobs lost everything." She fell over on the couch cushion, rolling around and laughing.

"Coco, perhaps you are referring to the time when I took you to the Apple store so I could look at iPads. You somehow managed to stomp out the glass on all the model phone screens and ripped off the F and U keys on all the keyboards."

She threw her orange peels behind the couch. "That's now how I remember it."

I took a swig. "Yeah, well that little excursion cost me $1,800 in damages. Plus, you were only two at the time, so I don't think anyone would have hired you to do anything."

She put her paw on my leg. "You are a miserable, miserable idiot." 

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