Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Jail Bunny

I was getting ready to meet a friend at happy hour yesterday, but I couldn't find my new bracelets. I was pretty bummed out, because I had just bought them a few weeks prior. I looked inside all of my purses, and I asked my roommates if they had borrowed them...but they were gone. 

I sat on my bed feeling distraught, when I heard Coco say, "Don't wait up for me tonight...I got a date."

I looked up and noticed that she had gotten gussied up for this particular outing...with my bracelets.

"Coco! You knew I was looking all over for those!"

She laughed, "So what? I look like a badass bitch. I wanted 'em, so I took 'em."

I furrowed my brow. "Woah woah, Coco. Why are you being so mean about it? You can borrow them. I just figured you would ask me first."

She stuck up her middle claw. "I don't ask for things. Now they're mine."

I realized in that moment that she had been listening the past few nights while I watched Orange is the New Black. 

"Ok, I'm sorry Coco. I don't want any trouble...they're yours. They look better on you anyway. Have fun on your date."

She smirked. "Damn right."

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