Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Special Delivery

"Marco called me..."

I was shocked. "Marco?! As in your ex, Marco?"

"That's the one. Never thought I'd hear from that asshole again. But I suppose, love works in mysterious ways."  

I was concerned. Marco had broken her heart in the past. I wasn't sure if she should be in communication with him. "Well, what are you going to do? Didn't he move to California?"

Coco was lying on the windowsill, lapping bourbon from a tiny bowl with ice cubes in it. She got up to face me, but was a little wobbly on her feet. "He did move to California. Sunny, beautiful, perfect California. He told me they serve drinks in coconuts out there. There's a bar near his apartment that has frozen booze that comes in all the colors of the rainbow."

"Wow, Coco. That does sound right up your alley...but I can make you colorful boozy drinks right here at home!"

She dipped her head and took a big gulp of bourbon. "Yeaaaah...well. I don't care. I need a man."

"Oh Coco..." I shook my head. "Well, what did Marco say on the phone?"

"He wants me to fly to Cali and visit him."

"Wow...So when's the flight? What airline did he use to book your ticket?"

Coco hiccuped. "Well, he didn't buy me a ticket. He doesn't have the money right now, but if I get myself out there, he said he'd pay for my baby carrots and alcohol. So I'm going."

"I don't get it. You don't have enough money for a plane ticket either, and I am NOT footing the bill. If he wants you to visit him so badly he's gotta come up with the money." I told Coco, finally putting my foot down.

"Oh would you lighten up!? I only weigh 5 pounds. If you wrap me up in this paper and poke holes in a box, you can ship me to the west coast in a few days. Just pack me some snacks and a flask and it'll be smooth sailing."

"Coco. It's not happening."

Coco raised her paws toward the ceiling. "I'M COMING MARCO! WAIT FOR ME!!!"

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  1. Sadly I might be with Coco on this one...after a heartache this spring I'm off the menfolks!
    But a Summer Fling might be Nice:)