Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Muy Caliente!

"Do you think a soccer player would ever date me?" Coco asked as we drove to her favorite bar to have a beer and watch the World Cup.

I shook her paw like a hand. "I don't know little princess, maybe. Who did you have in mind?"

She stood up on the seat and stretched tall. "Look at these legs...look at them!!! I'm a babe. I just know I could get anyone from Spain, I'm serious. Have you seen those guys? Complete hunks."

"You know what Coco," I said. "I think if they just met you they would definitely fall in love."

"Yeah well, I've already written love letters to Gerard Pique and Raul Albiol." Coco said with a laugh. "I'm just waiting for them to write me back with a place and time to meet."

"Oh Coco," I sighed. "Easier said than done, I'm sorry to say. By the way, I didn't know you knew how to write. When did you learn that?"

Coco rolled her eyes. "I snapped a few of your ink pens onto the floor, dipped my paws in it and then pushed my paws against a piece of paper. I pulled out a little fur from my butt and put it in the middle. Then I folded the paper and kicked it under your bed." 

I was confused. "Ok?"

"Ok what?" Coco snapped back. "Now...I wait for my men to come to me."

"Ahh, of course Coco, of course." I smiled. "Say, how about I buy us the first round?"

Coco spit on the floor mat. "You are buying all the rounds."

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