Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Put on Your Party pANTS

I fell asleep on the couch last night, because I was up late working on a project. When I went upstairs this morning to feed Coco, she looked wrecked and so did my room.

"Coco! What happened??? My room is totally destroyed and you look terrible."

"I had a party last night. Quit freaking out. Just a few friends. A few bottles of Jack...NOT a huge deal."

"Ok, well why does it smell like a haunted house in here?" I asked.

"I brought out your old fog machine and fired up the strobe lights you got at that yard sale. The ants loved it."

"Ants?" I started looking around the room frantically.

"Yeah, well. No one showed up to my party except me, so I opened the window and let a few thousand baby ants in the house. I poured out some whiskey on the floor and the ants got HAMMERED!" Coco exploded into laughter. "It...was...awesome!"

Still scrambling to find the thousands of ants that apparently partied in my room last night, I considered the thought that Coco was making it up--or she had just drunkenly imagined it.

"Ok baby. Well listen, I'm glad you had fun last night with your "ant friends," but I'm going to clean up a bit and run some errands. You relax and try to sleep off that hangover." I kissed her head and walked to the door.

"Good thinking," Coco said. "I'll catch some Zs. That's exactly what the ants are doing in your bed."


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