Monday, August 4, 2014

Movie Night

Coco and I decided to spend the evening at home watching Batman movies. I ordered some Thai food and we sipped on ginger beers. Coco usually likes to sit on my lap when we have movie nights, but she has a special seating arrangement for superheroes flicks.  

"I love the Penguin," Coco said. "He's short and fat, and he reminds me of you."

I laughed...sort of. "Coco, that's not very nice. Why can't you say I remind you of Catwoman? I really like her outfit and she's way cooler than the Penguin."

She sipped her ginger drink. "Ok, ok fine...You know, I also really like Poison Ivy. She's quite beautiful with her fiery hair."

"I know Cokes! It's funny how I dyed my hair red recently, and it's almost the same color!"

Coco nodded. "True, very true. And yet, when I think of you it's Bane that comes to mind almost immediately."

I crossed my arms. "Wow girl, you're really sassy when you haven't had any booze to drink."

"What are you talking about dumdum? I'm drinking beer right now." Coco held up her drink, chugged it and dropped the glass on the floor. The ice cubes slid under my bed.

"There's no alcohol in ginger beer, Coco. It's basically just pop."

"Pop? As in soda? You mean I'm sober? Well...that means you tricked me, and must. die."

I handed Coco a double shot glass, filled it to the top with tequila, and watched her throw it back.

She held the tiny glass out and waited for me to pour. "It's gonna take at least three more of these for you to keep your life...Penguin." 

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